Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap
1 Servings
Prep Time:10 min 
Total Time:10 min 



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    1. 1

      Peel and then grate the carrot into a small bowl, adding a good squeeze of lemon and mixing in to help stop the carrot discolouring. Season to taste and cover with clingfilm until ready to use.

    2. 2

      On a clean, flat work surface, lay the tortilla wrap out and spread evenly with PHILADELPHIA cream cheese. Leave roughly 2 cm of the edge of the wrap free to avoid any filling spilling out when you come to rolling.

    3. 3

      First lay the baby spinach leaves in a neat line across the width of the wrap, slightly overlapping the leaves to keep them in place, leaving 1-2 cm free at either end to help you tuck in the sides when you come to rolling.

    4. 4

      To the same area as the spinach now add the chicken, evenly distributing them across the width of the wrap and again leaving a small gap at either side. Now add the grated carrot, using your fingers to ensure it is evenly distributed, pressing down gently as you go to help keep it in place. Finish with a sprinkle of corn kernels and a little cracked black pepper. Fianlly drizzle with some PHILADELPHIA Sweet Chilli Pourover sauce.

    5. 5

      To assemble your wrap, gently lift the edge of the tortilla closest to you up and over the filling, then roll into a cylindrical shape, tucking in the sides as you go to secure the filling.

    6. 6

      Cut in half and serve immediately with a salad of fresh leaves.


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